About Overlooked

Overlooked is a space for looking at games, animation, and geek entertainment with a more diverse storytelling lens.

At Overlooked, we believe that giving a platform to a diverse range of perspectives is not only the right thing to do, but it also enhances the quality of the stories we’re exposed to.

Using a combination of storytelling critiques, in-depth analysis, and observations both big and small, we aim to improve both the quality and diversity of our entertainment, one story at a time.

About The Author

My name is Helen, and I am a Filipina American based in Chicago. This photo of me was taken in Manila, when King Kong kidnapped me in front of a restaurant. (I almost died.)

I exhaust 50% of my brainpower contemplating storytelling in all its forms. I spend the other 50% on traveling, eating cheap delicious food, speculating on US politics (with a cold, unfeeling heart), enviously admiring people who can dance well, and sometimes interacting with other human beings.

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Throughout the conception of this blog, I struggled with the version of diversity that I aimed to promote—and more importantly, a version of diversity that actually feels meaningful to me.
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Storytelling gives people a voice. It allows their stories—their lives, their joys, their struggles—to be broadcast to a wider audience. It gives a shape and definition to people who might otherwise be characterized through stereotypes or the labels given to them by others.
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